Secure Email
Why use a secure portal for emails?
Most organizations are familiar with HIPAA regulation and need to protect Medical information. What people are not aware of is the emerging risk that breach of data has become.If your organization has a breach of data, there are State and Federal Laws that will mandate that you launch a notification process and provide credit monitoring services to everyone in you database. Recent studies show that notification costs are between $50 to $200 for each name in your database. If your database has 5,000 names, that would be a cost of $250,000 to $1,000,000 that is not currently addressed by most company insurance policies.

As a risk management tool, Miller Insurance has invested in a secure email service to reduce the chance of your organization suffering a breach of data when communicating via email. If the contents of your email are subject to HIPAA, or has personal information (account numbers, social security numbers, addresses, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, etc.) we encourage you to use our secure email service.

This is but one of many tools that can be used to reduce (but not totally prevent) a breach of data from hitting your company. To learn more about solutions for data security please contact our office and we will be happy to share additional information with you.