About Us

Miller Insurance is an independent family-owned insurance agency located in Tualatin, Oregon, serving clients throughout the Northwest. As an independent insurance agency, Miller Insurance works with multiple insurance carriers giving clients the ability to choose the carrier that best fits their needs. Throughout the process our team is there to guide you through the process and help you evaluate your options.

Miller Insurance was founded by John F. Burgard (the first licensed insurance agent in Oregon) in 1886. Located in Portland for 96 years, the city of Portland grew and Miller Insurance evolved from hand-written documents to typewriters.

In 1982, Miller Insurance moved from the American Bank Building in downtown Portland to the city of Tualatin and continues the long-standing tradition of bringing a human touch to the process of insurance.

April 1890 – Concord Building in Portland, Oregon – Our founder, John Burgard is fourth from the left.
Our three guiding principles:
  1. Inspiring our clients to look at risk differently
  2. Giving back to our community
  3. Having fun