Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)

What CIC Means To YOU

The CIC designation is a mark of distinction that represents a commitment to continuous enhancement of one’s knowledge and service. CIC is nationally recognized as a symbol of professional excellence and leadership in the insurance industry.

With the successful completion of over 100 classroom hours of formal insurance training, CICs are recognized among the best and most knowledgeable insurance practitioners in the nation. The CIC designation signifies that your Certified Insurance Counselor has obtained the highest level of competency provided in the insurance industry.

Having demonstrated the ability to excel and succeed in the rigorous challenges of becoming a CIC, your insurance representative exhibits a strong commitment to excellence through advanced education and professionalism.

Because of the intense CIC training, your insurance professional has the greatest degree of knowledge to ask the right questions and provide the right answers, saving you time and money. You can have faith, trust, and confidence in those who display the prestigious CIC professional designation.

To be the best of the best – a CIC – a continuing annual update of practical, hands-on training is required. With the annual update your Certified Insurance Counselor receives each year, you can be assured that he or she is the most capable and current in the insurance industry.

CIC - Certified Insurance Counselor