Collector Car Insurance

Collector Car Insurance was created specifically for owners of collector cars. Traditional car insurance plans will typically not include the coverages, features and benefits that you need for your unique car.  The unique features can include:

Comprehensive Insurance Programs – We offer some of the most comprehensive insurance programs from carriers like Chubb Insurance and Hagerty Insurance.

Agreed Value Coverage – If you wait until the time of a loss to find out how much your car is insured for, its too late. With Agreed Value coverage, the value of your classic car is determined at the time you purchase your policy, so if your vehicle suffers a covered total loss, there’s no haggling over value.

$0 Deductible on Comprehensive and Collision – A “$0 deductible” option is typically available on Collector Car insurance policies.

Flatbed Roadside Assistance –  Provides flatbed service with soft straps on every tow.

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