Distracted Driving can come in many forms.

Written: November 8, 2018

“Take it from this driver, who was graciously willing to share her harrowing tale of how distracted driving almost took her life.

While driving on I-84, she reached down to put her drink in the cup holder, but her kids had put rocks in it. As she was attempting to clear it, she went off onto the shoulder of the freeway. She overcorrected, almost hitting another car in the slow lane. She swerved to the left to avoid the impact leaving the highway, over a dirt embankment and rolled several times down the rocking slope. Thankfully, she was wearing her safety belt and the vehicles side air bags deployed. The vehicle traveled over 500 feet down the slope after leaving the roadway.

Let’s show this brave driver that her story can help saves lives by always wearing your seatbelt and by keeping 100% attention on driving. It can all change in the blink of an eye.”

From the Oregon State Police Facebook Page


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