Travel Insurance

Ask anyone who travels and they’ll tell you, travel holds the potential for unwanted surprises. Travelers today prepare for the unexpected by relying on Travel Insurance. As an independent agent, Miller Insurance  has access to programs from Travel Insured International. Some of the available benefits in Travel Insurance plans are:

24-Hour Travel, Medical and Assistance Services – includes Medical Evacuation, Emergency Cash Advance, Hospital Admission Guarantee, and much more.

Concierge Service – Destination profiles, event ticketing, shopping assistance services, restaurant referrals and reservations, and much more.

ID Theft Recovery Assistance – Cancellation of lost or stolen credit cards, cash advance and translation services when travelling, notify local authorities of ID theft incident and assist insurers complete necessary reports and much more.

Political Evacuation Services – In the event of a political emergency situation due to government or Company will evacuate you home or to the nearest place of safety and then home.

Business Concierge Services – Assistance with locating available business services such as: delivery sites, internet cafes, print/copy services, assistance with telephone and web conferencing, emergency messaging to customers, associates, and others (phone, fax, e-mail, text, etc.),  emergency travel arrangements and much more.

Call one of our professionals today to find out which plan is right for you.

Safe travels!

Optional Coverage only applies when requested on the application and the appropriate additional premium has been paid and purchase confirmed on Your Confirmation of Benefits. All coverages are subject to carrier availability, policy terms, conditions and exclusions.